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Want to make your career in WCF? Well, you are at the right place. BestOnlineTrainers offers WCF training that lets you learn at your own pace with the help of experienced trainers.

WCF online training

at BOT starts from the basics of WCF in order to make you familiar with the programming language in the best way.

  • Course Overview
  • Target Audience
  • Why choose us
  • Trainer Profile

Introduction to WPF

  • What Is WPF
  • .NET Framework 3.0 (WinFX)
  • WPF Overview
  • Application and Window
  • A Simple WPF Application
  • Using Visual Studio
  • Brushes
  • Panels


  • Role of XAML
  • Elements and Attributes
  • Namespaces
  • Property Elements
  • Type Converters
  • Content Property
  • Collections
  • XAML and Procedural Code

WPF Controls

  • Button
  • Label
  • Text Box
  • Tool Tip
  • Radio Button
  • Check Box
  • List Box
  • Combo Box


  • Positioning
  • Transforms
  • Canvas
  • Drawing Shapes
  • StackPanel
  • WrapPanel
  • DockPanel
  • Grid
  • Scrolling
  • Scaling


  • Message Boxes
  • Win32 Common Dialogs
  • Custom Modal Dialogs
  • Custom Modeless Dialogs

Menus and Commands

  • Menus
  • Context Menus
  • Icons on Menu Items
  • Commands
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Disabling Menu Items
  • Checking Menu Items

Toolbars and Status bars

  • Toolbars
  • Toolbars and commands
  • Status bars

Dependency Properties and Routed Events

  • Dependency Properties


Windows Communication Foundation Using C# Training
Introduction to WCF
  • What is WCF
  • Address, Binding and Contract
  • WCF Services and Clients
  • IIS Hosting
  • WCF Architecture

Addresses and Bindings

  • Addresses
  • Bindings
  • Message Exchange Patterns
  • Configuring Bindings
  • Interoperating with ASMX Web services
  • Hosting in a Console Application
  • Channel Factories
  • Multiple Endpoints

Service Contracts

  • Defining Service Contracts
  • Defining Operation Contracts
  • Services with Multiple Contracts
  • Contract Inheritance
  • Operation Overloading

Instance Management

  • Using Per - Call Services
  • Using Per - Session Services
  • Using Singleton Services
  • Configuring Behaviors

Data Contracts

  • Implementing Data Contracts
  • Mapping Data Contracts to XSD Schema
  • Serialization
  • Array and Generic Collections
  • Enums
  • Versioning Data Contracts

More about Service Contracts

  • Versioning Service Contracts
  • Implementing Message Exchange Patterns
  • Oneway Contracts
  • Duplex Contracts
  • Asynchronous Proxies

Handling Errors

  • Faults and Exceptions
  • Generating and Handling Faults
  • Fault Contracts
  • Faults and Sessions


Introduction to Workflow
  • What is Windows Workflow Foundation?
  • Creating Your First Workflow
  • Hosting a Workflow in a Windows Application

Handling Conditions an Exceptions

  • Introducing Conditional Activities
  • If Else Activity
  • While Activity
  • Conditioned ActivityGroup Activity
  • Replicator Activity
  • Handling Exceptions

Flow Activities

  • Introducing Flow Activities
  • Delay Activity and Handling Properties
  • Listen Activity
  • Suspend and Terminate Activities
  • Parallel and Synchronize Scope Activities
  • Handling Cancellation

Making Decisions in Workflows

  • Using Rules in Workflows
  • Using the Policy Activity
  • Setting Priorities
  • Forward Chaining

Workflow Communications

  • Calling Methods in the Host from the Workflow
  • Handling Host Events in the Workflow
  • Bi-Directional Communications

Creating State Machine Workflows

  • Introduction to State Machines
  • State Machine Activities
  • Creating a State Machine Workflow
  • Circular Navigation in State Machines

Using and Building Persistence Services

  • Introducing Workflow Persistence
  • Using the SQL Persistence Service
  • Creating a Custom Persistence Service

Using and Building Tracking Services

  • Workflow Tracking Services
  • Using the SQL Tracking Service
  • Tracking Profiles
  • Creating a Custom Tracking Service

Creating Custom Activities

  • Introducing Custom Activities
  • Creating a Simple Activity
  • Creating a More Complex Activity
  • Creating Composite Activities

Handling Workflow Transactions

  • Transactions
  • Transactions in Workflows
  • Transactions and Batches of Work
  • Compensation in Workflows

Dynamic Workflow Updates

  • Introduction to Dynamic Updates
  • Modifying a Workflow from the Host Application
  • Modifying a Workflow from within the Workflow
  • Dynamic Rule Conditions

Workflows and Web Services

  • Workflow-Based Web Services
  • Building a Workflow Web Service
  • Maintaining State in Web Services
  • Invoking a Web Service in a Workflow

WCF training is intended for :

  • Programmers who want to learn about WCF
  • Students who want to make their career in WCF

We guarantee learning at your convenience & pace.

  • Instant Access:
    Get instant access to self-paced training after signup.
  • Streaming video recording:
    Watch lessons any time at your schedule, free recording.
  • Exercises:
    Practical exercises help you test what you are learning as you go.
  • Free Demo:
    Sign up for free demo to check whether the course is right for you and interact with the faculty live.
  • Experienced Trainers:
    We only hire the industry’s best trainers
  • Live free interactive web sessions:
    Ask the Expert Shell Scripting trainers about the career prospects and clarify your questions any time after you complete the course.
  • Structured Curriculum Schedule:
    Progress with your complete daily interactive lessons and assignments.
  • Faculty Mentoring:
    Turn in daily and weekly homework for personalized feedback from faculty.
  • Virtual Office Hours:
    Live interaction with the faculty and other students around the world.
  • Hands on Live Projects:
    Work on live lab sessions to tackle real-world projects. Get 100% faculty guidance and ratings.


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