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Oracle CRM is a customer relationship management application developed by Oracle Corporation. It is known to be the world’s most complete customer relationship management (CRM) as it offers everything starting from sales force automation to socially-enabled business intelligence. Oracle CRM delivers a superior customer experience by offering the broadest and deepest portfolio of CRM solutions that address all customer touch-points and provide rich functionality to support the specific business needs of small to large organizations.

Oracle CRM online training

offered by BOT has the following curriculum:

  • Course Overview
  • Target Audience
  • Why choose us
  • Trainer Profile

Overview of the CRM Application Foundation

  • Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM Application Foundation
  • Overview of CRM Application Foundation integration
  • points with other applications
  • How the CRM Application Foundation Modules are used
  • List the step-by-step implementation flows
  • for implementing of following Foundations Modules
  • CRM Application Foundation - Resource Manager
  • CRM Application Foundation - Assignment Manager
  • CRM Application Foundation - Calendars
  • CRM Application Foundation - Notes
  • CRM Application Foundation - Territory Manager
  • CRM Application Foundation - Task Manager
  • CRM Application Foundation - Business Rule Monitor
  • CRM Application Foundation - Escalation Manager
  • CRM Application Foundation - 1-1fullfillment
  • CRM Application Foundation - Interaction History
  • Setting up Profile Options
  • Setting up Lookups
  • Setting up Reports and Running Concurrent Programs

Oracle Tele Service

  • Overview of Customer support and service processes
  • Overview of Service Request to Resolution process
  • Set up Oracle Integrations
  • Set up Oracle Tele Service
  • Set up Oracle Knowledge Management
  • Setting Up Oracle Service Requests
  • Setting Up Oracle Customer Care
  • Set up Oracle Install Base
  • Set up Counters
  • Setting Up Oracle Charges
  • Setting Up Oracle Knowledge Management
  • Setting up Profile Options
  • Setting up Lookups
  • Setting up Reports and Running Concurrent Programs

Oracle Field Service

  • Understanding Field Service
  • Using Field Service Dispatch Center
  • Using Debrief
  • Using Spares Logistics
  • Using the Planner's Desktop
  • Loop Planning, Notifications and Reporting Hierarchy
  • Configuring Field Service Portal
  • Using Field Service Portal
  • Mandatory and Conditional Dependencies
  • Field Service Application Implementation Tasks
  • Spares Management Implementation Tasks
  • Setting up Profile Options
  • Setting up Lookups
  • Setting up Reports and Running Concurrent Programs

Oracle Depot Repair

  • Overview of Using Oracle Depot Repair
  • Oracle Depot Repair Business Scenarios
  • Managing Depot Business Processes
  • Oracle Depot Repair-Specific Setup Steps
  • Setting Up Charges for Oracle Depot Repair
  • Defining Billing Type Codes
  • Defining Service Activities and Billing Types
  • Defining Service Business Processes
  • Defining Install Base Transaction Sub Types
  • Setting Up Time and Material Labor Schedules
  • Setting Up Repair Types
  • Setting Up Service Request Types for Depot Repair
  • Setting Up Depot Repair Reason Codes
  • Setting Up Customer Profile
  • Setting Up Diagnostic Codes in Oracle Depot Repair
  • Setting Up Service Codes in Oracle Depot Repair
  • Setting Up Oracle Depot Repair Profile Options
  • Setting up Profile Options
  • Setting up Lookups
  • Setting up Reports and Running Concurrent Programs

Oracle Sales

  • Home Page
  • Dependencies
  • Overview of Lead to Order Process
  • Overview of Telesales and Sales Online
  • Locations and Organizations
  • Currencies and Calendars
  • Customers
  • Employees, Users and Resources
  • CRM Application Foundation - Notes, Tasks & Calendars
  • CRM Application Foundation - Territory Management
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Forecasting
  • Sales Contracts
  • Sales Offline
  • Marketing Online Campaign Management
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Sales Campaigns
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Capture/Convert Leads
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Manage Opportunities
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Create Forecast
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Prepare Proposal
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Prepare Quote
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Place Order
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Close Opportunity
  • Oracle Sales Flow : Submit Forecast
  • Setting up Profile Options
  • Setting up Lookups
  • Setting up Reports and Running Concurrent Programs
  • Oracle Contracts
  • Explain Oracle Contracts Core, Oracle Service Contracts, and key contracts phases
  • Contracts Concepts
  • Contracts Phases
  • Overview of Contracts Core
  • Overview of Service Contracts
  • Overview of Service Contracts Management and Oracle Service Contracts
  • Setups for Oracle Service Contracts
  • Define Parties, Roles, Sources, and Access to Contracts
  • Miscellaneous Setups
  • Setting up Coverage Templates and Subscription Templates
  • Setting up Items
  • Setting up Service Billing and Billing Profiles
  • Setting up Statuses and Operations
  • Setting up Global Contracts Defaults
  • Setting up Contracts Terms and Contract Templates
  • Setting up Events and Renewals
  • Setting up Profile Options
  • Setting up Lookups
  • Setting up Reports and Running Concurrent Programs

Topics Covered During Session

  • Overview of Oracle E-Business Suit process
  • Oracle AIM (Application Implementation Methodology)
  • Overview of Documentations in Real-time Projects
  • Roles of Oracle Functional Consultant

Oracle CRM training is intended for :

  • Sales & CRM professionals using Oracle CRM or want to use Oracle CRM
  • Students & professional who want to learn about Oracle CRM

We guarantee learning at your convenience & pace.

  • Instant Access:
    Get instant access to self-paced training after signup.
  • Streaming video recording:
    Watch lessons any time at your schedule, free recording.
  • Exercises:
    Practical exercises help you test what you are learning as you go.
  • Free Demo:
    Sign up for free demo to check whether the course is right for you and interact with the faculty live.
  • Experienced Trainers:
    We only hire the industry’s best trainers
  • Live free interactive web sessions:
    Ask the Expert Oracle CRM trainers about the career prospects and clarify your questions any time after you complete the course.
  • Structured Curriculum Schedule:
    Progress with your complete daily interactive lessons and assignments.
  • Faculty Mentoring:
    Turn in daily and weekly homework for personalized feedback from faculty.
  • Virtual Office Hours:
    Live interaction with the faculty and other students around the world.
  • Hands on Live Projects:
    Work on live lab sessions to tackle real-world projects. Get 100% faculty guidance and ratings.


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Thanks, you guys provided the best online training in SAP BODS. The hands on training is very informative and helpful.

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