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Microstrategy Training

Microstrategy is a business intelligence tool developed by MicroStrategy, Inc. , a provider of business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services.

Microstrategy online training

course offered by BestOnlineTrainers is a perfect course for BI professionals who wants to sharpen their skills in Microstrategy. The course starts with introduction to Microstrategy web server and provides in-depth knowledge of Microstrategy Desktop, Microstrategy Architect, Microstrategy report services, Advanced Microstrategy desktop, Microstrategy intelligence server, Microstrategy Narrowcast server and Microstrategy Administration.

  • Course Overview
  • Target Audience
  • Why choose us
  • Trainer Profile


  • Introduction to Microstrategy web server
  • Microstrategy Desktop
  • Microstrategy Architect
  • Microstrategy report services
  • Advanced Microstrategy desktop
  • Microstrategy intelligence server
  • Microstrategy Narrowcast server
  • Microstrategy Administration

Microstrategy Desktop

  • Introduction to Microstrategy Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to Microstrategy Desktop and Architecture
  • Configuration objects
  • Public objects
  • Schema objects
  • Creating and saving Reports in Desktop
  • Report Manipulations in Desktop
  • Data Manipulations
  • Style Manipulations
  • Creating and saving basic report filters
  • Creating, formatting and saving basic metrics
  • Microstrategy OLAP services in Desktop
  • Report objects
  • View Filters
  • Derived Metrics
  • Creating and saving Basic prompts and searches

Microstrategy Architect

  • Introduction to Microstrategy Architect
  • The logical data model
  • The physical warehouse schema
  • Advanced Data modeling and schema design
  • Many to Many relationships
  • Role attributes
  • Introduction to project creation in Microstrategy Architect
  • Creating Microstrategy facts
  • Creating Microstrategy Attributes
  • Creating Microstrategy Hierarchies
  • Project configuration workshop
  • Project optimization and maintenance
  • Maintaining your project over time
  • Aggregate tables
  • Partitioning and partition mappings
  • Transformations
  • Repository Basics

Microstrategy report services

  • Introduction to Enterprise reporting
  • Document basics
  • Document design concepts
  • Useful design techniques
  • Derived summary and stacked metrics
  • Calculated expressions
  • Conditional formatting
  • Personalizing content
  • Linking to other reports or documents
  • Dynamic images
  • Multiple data set considerations
  • Microstrategy office overview

Advanced Microstrategy desktop

  • Introduction to advanced reporting
  • Advanced metrics
  • Advanced filters
  • Consolidations and custom groups
  • Advanced prompts and OLAP services
  • Drill maps
  • Report data options
  • Report developer tools

Microstrategy intelligence server

  • Introduction to Microstrategy administration
  • Architecture and query flow
  • Connectivity
  • Startup and administration interface
  • Security
  • Microstrategy intelligence server administration
  • Caching and Scheduling
  • Datamarts
  • Clustering

Microstrategy Narrowcast server

  • Narrowcast server overview
  • Information source
  • Creating a simple service
  • Message contents
  • Message recipients
  • Delivery methods, schedules and service editor
  • Personalization
  • Subscription portal functionality
  • Microstrategy web deliveries and administration

Microstrategy Administration

  • MSTR Installation
  • Object Manager
  • Project Duplication
  • System to system code migration in Narrowcast server
  • Groups and user creation
  • Command manager

Microstrategy course is intended for :

  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Students & professionals who want to make their career in Business Intelligence
  • Anyone interested in learning about Microstrategy tool

We guarantee learning at your convenience & pace.

  • Instant Access:
    Get instant access to self-paced training after signup.
  • Streaming video recording:
    Watch lessons any time at your schedule, free recording.
  • Exercises:
    Practical exercises help you test what you are learning as you go.
  • Free Demo:
    Sign up for free demo to check whether the course is right for you and interact with the faculty live.
  • Experienced Trainers:
    We only hire the industry’s best trainers
  • Live free interactive web sessions:
    Ask the Expert Shell Scripting trainers about the career prospects and clarify your questions any time after you complete the course.
  • Structured Curriculum Schedule:
    Progress with your complete daily interactive lessons and assignments.
  • Faculty Mentoring:
    Turn in daily and weekly homework for personalized feedback from faculty.
  • Virtual Office Hours:
    Live interaction with the faculty and other students around the world.
  • Hands on Live Projects:
    Work on live lab sessions to tackle real-world projects. Get 100% faculty guidance and ratings.


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Thanks, you guys provided the best online training in SAP BODS. The hands on training is very informative and helpful.

- David Sergi, Camaga Ltd; U.K