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Informatica is a powerful ETL tool developed by Informatica Corporation for enterprise data warehousing. Informatica, an Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) tool is widely used by enterprises to extract the source date from multiple sources, transform it to fit operational needs and finally load it into the end target. Informatica is a proven solution for data warehousing that can help IT departments implement data marts and departmental data warehouses and readily scale them up to enterprise data warehousing environments.

Informatica Online Training

course will be helpful for professionals who want to get themselves familiar with

Data Warehousing

and usage of Informatica as a Data Warehousing tool. Informatica solution is known as the foundation for enterprise data warehousing projects.

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Informatica Online Training Course Details

Introduction to Data Warehousing

  • What is Data warehouse?
  • Components of Data warehouse
  • Decision support systems
  • OLTP Systems
  • ODS(Operational Data Store)
  • Difference between ODS and DATAWAREHOUSE
  • Data Mart
  • Difference between Data warehouse and Data Mart
  • Difference between Data warehouse and ODS,OLTP
  • Data warehousing for OLTP systems
  • Data cleansing
  • Independent Data warehouse
  • Dependent Data warehouse
  • Meta data and Data Mining

Database Design and Data Modeling

  • ER Model for transactional processing
  • Introduction to Data Modeling
  • Entities and Attributes
  • What is the use of data modeling in Data warehousing?
  • Schema
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Snowflake Schema(hybrid schema or galaxy schema)
  • Fact Table
  • Dimension Tables
  • Multi dimension Tables
  • Grain warehousing Tools consideration
  • Granularity for the Data warehousing

Tools Consideration

  • ERwin (Data Modeling Tool)
  • Introduction to Erwin
  • Usage of Erwin
  • Physical and Logical Model
  • Creation of Table
  • Forward Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Complete compare
  • Domains
  • Subject areas
  • Relationships
  • Demoralization
  • Data Modeling report generation
  • HTML report
  • RTF report
  • Text report
  • Creating user defined data types
  • Integrating Tables from different users

Informatica 8.6

  • Introduction of Informatica power center
  • ETL Architecture
  • Data source
  • Data targets
  • Repository
  • Meta data
  • Server components
  • Client components

Informatica Installation

  • System Requirements
  • Creating Domain
  • Creating Node
  • Configuring Domain With Web Server
  • Assigning Informatica services with Account
  • Informatica Power Center Web Administration Console
  • Creating Informatica Repository Services
  • Creating integrated services

Informatica Repository Manager

  • Creating the workspace(folder)
  • Creating the users
  • Changing the user passwords
  • Creating users groups
  • Giving privileges to the users, user groups and folder

Informatica Designer

  • Connecting to the designer
  • Components of the designer
  • Creating DSN(data source name)
  • Source, Database
  • Accessing the source, definitions to the designer
  • Warehouse Designer
  • Creating the target Tables using warehouse designer
  • Generating target Table to database
  • Mapping Designer
  • Mapping between the source and target Tables
  • Transformations between source and target Tables

Types of Transformations

  • Source qualifier
  • Aggregator
  • Filter
  • Expression
  • Stored Procedure
  • Lookup
  • Sorter
  • Joiner
  • Router
  • Xml source qualifier
  • Update strategy
  • Normalizer
  • Ranking
  • Sequencer Generator
  • Transaction control
  • Union
  • Custom
  • Cubes and Dimensions(creating star schema)
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions(SCD) Mapplets
  • Reusable transformations Debugger
  • Working with mapping using Debugger
  • Data Profiling
  • Variable and Parameters
  • New Features in power centre 7.1

Workflow Manager

  • Components of workflow manager

Types of Tasks

  • Session
  • E-mail
  • Command
  • Creating workflow
  • Scheduling the workflow
  • Creating connections
  • Assigning connection values to the sessions
  • Assigning server to workflow
  • Workflow monitor
  • Session logs
  • Workflow logs

Informatica Data Warehousing can be beneficial for:

  • Professionals playing a key role in a data warehouse project, from project managers to DBAs to data modelers and application developers
  • IT professionals who want to enhance their career by getting cross training into data warehousing
  • IT Professionals who want to learn Informatica tool
  • Students who are keen to learn about data warehousing, Informatica, Data Storage, Tera Data concepts, etc

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